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The Walea bears a resemblance to an mid 70's model of a Japanese sedan as well as a Soviet era family vehicle, and is a mid-sized sedan. With a cheap and plain interior, it is a relatively small and light 4-door sedan, that is cheap to maintain and only weighs 1212,0 kg and have 125 kg/165 unit payload. A new base model can be bought for $9900.

Base model[]

Walea Base Model

The standard base sedan model features a 2.2L (2200cc) straight(inline) 4 SL4 engine that offers 146 HP and 258 Nm of torque. Having a tiny engine, it only reaches a top speed of 145km/h, which should be a surprise.

The transmission and differential is a 4 speed D4 gearbox with with a shifting time of 0.8 seconds and a first ratio of 3,38. The rear wheel drive R2 differential has a ratio of 3,52. Small wheels match the body size and has 175 R15 steel rims with 175/75R15 tires.

Front disk brakes are 170mm and rear drum brakes are 150mm in size. The wheels are leveled using a 14mm front sway bar and a 12mm rear sway bar.

With this being light and zippy, it makes it a popular choice for converting into a V8 race car.

Sport model[]

This sport model of the Walea has the same chassis and aerodynamic specifications and no cosmetic changes have been made, but performance has received a boost on many levels.For a price of $11600, $1700 more than the base model, the sport has upgrades on the engine, brakes, wheels and sway bars as well as the gearbox. The V6 model is also 69kg heavier.

The 3.2L (3200cc) V6 SV6 engine puts out 211 HP and 259Nm of torque and reaches a top speed of just under 200km/h.

The D4R gearbox also is a 4 speed but with a lower first gear ratio of 2.65 and changes gears in 0.3 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than the standard.

Along with bigger and lighter 210x18 Alloy rims, 210/50R18 tires have also been fitted. 290mm sport brakes have also been fitted all around. A 65mm sway bar has replaced the standard 24mm in the front and the rear has a 55mm sway bar compared to the 17mm on the base model.