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WALEA: Base model - I4

The Walea bears a resemblance to an early 70's model of a Japanese sedan as well as a Soviet era family sedan, and is a mid-sized sedan. With a cheap and plain interior, it is a relatively small and light 4-door sedan, that is cheap to maintain and only weighs 1211kg. A new base model can be bought for $9900.

The standard base sedan model features a 2.2L (2200cc) straight(inline) 4 engine that offers 162Hp and 260 Nm of torque. Having a tiny engine, it only reaches a top speed of 180km/h, which should be a surprise.

The transmission and differential is a 4 speed gearbox with with a shifting time of 0.8 seconds and a first ratio of 3.25. The rear wheel drive differential has a ratio of 3.00. Small wheels match the body size and has 175x15 steel rims with 175/75R15 tires.

Front disk brakes are 290mm and rear drum brakes are 300mm in size

With this being light and zippy, it makes it a popular choice for converting into a V8 race car.