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Base Model[]

This late 70's two-door SUV looks as though it could was imported from the USA as it resembles something from that country and era. The off-road vehicle is fit for driving and even racing on gravel or in sand as it has plenty of ground clearance and big tires.

With a NXV8 4.8L (4800cc) V8 engine, it puts out 171Hp and 410Nm of torque, clearly tuned for a load rather than speed. The total weight is 2691.4kg and has a good payload capacity as well. The 4-speed gearbox uses a first gear ratio of 3.51 and has a shift time of 0.7 seconds between gears. The slip differential powers all 4 wheels and has a ratio of 4.63. The power-train can push out a top speed of 167km/h.

Leveling the wheels, the Narnoo uses a 28mm rear sway bar and 36mm front sway bar. The suspension also provides a lot of ground clearance for rock-climbing, off-road conditions, uneven surfaces and also all terrain driving and racing conditions. Alloy rims are 250x17 in size and the tires are also off-road grade and are a massive 250x80R17 in size. Disk brakes on all wheels have a 880 rear brake force and a mega 2550 front brake force.

Although not very suitable for racing as the vehicle has a high chassis weight, this base model does make excellent for off-road conditions and also does not require a lot of attention mechanically.

Special Edition[]