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MAGURA: Base Model - XGTV

This grand-touring, mid 70’s exotic sports car is more than just a pretty sight. The 2 door coupe looks straight out of Italy and with a price of $41999, you pay for raw power and also the most reliable car money can buy.

A massive 7.0L (6967cc) V8 engine, this beast cranks out 571Hp and 798Nm of torque and the top speed is amazing at 285km/h. The differential ratio of 2.28 on the rear wheels is shared with the 4 speed, 2.45 first gear ratio gearbox which has a shifting time of 0.4 seconds.

290mm brakes on all wheels deal a rear braking force of 800 and front force of 1500. The rear sway bay of 14mm and front sway bar of 18mm is fairly light for the total mass of 1442.4kg The stylish spoke alloy wheels are 245x20s and street tires are 245x40R20. The wheels seem a bit small compared to the big body, but is probably due to the height of the car.

This is the definition of speed and style. The ultimate street car that needs nothing more to achieve super speeds. Nothing needs to be said about this, you need to feel it for yourself.