Kanji - LX4

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KANJI: Base model - LX4

A fairly plain two-door, mid-sized fastback that looks like it be the brother of a Japanese sports car from round the mid 70’s. At first sight the Kanji is nothing special, and a look at the mechanical components, will make this even more valid. Paying $28660 is a lot for this car that seemingly has nothing to offer. On paper, this car is not very special.

A tiny 2.0L (1998cc) straight (inline) 4 engine can only cough out 132Hp and 198Nm of torque. This little engine is enough to move a total weight of 1047kg around without any trouble another upside to this car is that it is light on fuel.

The 5 speed gearbox with 2.91 first gear ratio seems like a gear too much for the car and has a shifting time of 0.5 seconds. The locked differential has a ratio of 3.55 and powers the rear wheels.

The light front sway bar is 18mm in diameter and the rear is 14mm. Front braking force is 1500 and rear is 560 with 290mm disk brakes all around. 210x18 alloy rims hold the 210x50R18 street tires to the car.

The driven test proves that, even with only a 2.0L engine, the car performs really well for its small engine and can reach around 210km/h, which was a surprise.