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JINGU: Base model - CV8

A big bodied, heavy truck that is of American origin around the 1950’s. This pick-up is a real beast that is able to carry a large load. With a price tag of only $15700, you are not paying for performance but rather for the payload size.

An ancient 4.8L (4778cc) V8 engine is responsible for dragging the 2202.2kg of the Jingu around. With only 140Hp and 415Nm of torque, with this truck, you’ll be going nowhere, slowly. The 4 speed gearbox with a first gear ratio of 2.80 takes forever to change with shifting time being 1.1 seconds. The strong 4.30 ratioed differential powers only the rear wheels. Only able to reach a top speed of 113km/h, you will be dead before you cross the finish line.

Due to its age, the Jingu has 300mm drum brakes on all wheels with 1560 stopping power in the front and 450 brake force to the rear. The sway bars are similar with a 22mm in front and 20mm at the back. The street tire profile is 245/40R20 and steel rim size is 245/20.