Revhead Wiki

Base Model[]

The Camira, a sporty, two-door fastback. It’s a mid-sized coupe with American origin and resembles an early 80’s fastback coupe. It bears a simple, yet eye-catching interior with space for 5 passengers and having two doors, the two front seats are folding seats. A base model, which could put a hole in your pocket costs $30520.

The 3.9L (3850cc) engine, which has a straight (inline) 6 configuration. The SL6 puts out 203Hp and 302Nm of torque. Depending on your driving style, this may or may not be enough to pull the 1369.1kg Camira around.

There is also nothing special about the 2.80 first gear ratio, 4 speed gearbox with a shifting time of 0.5 seconds. Pushing the rear wheels the car is fitted with a differential with a 3.75 ratio. This combination gives a top speed of 200km/h.

290mm disk brakes on all wheel has a 1500 braking force in the front and a 620 brake force in the rear. Stylish 225x19 steel rims connect 225x40R19 tire to the car. Rather light sway bars of 14mm in the rear and 18mm in the front level the car out in the turns.

Special Edition[]

It is better to pay $37900 for the Camira Special Edition than for the base model. For an extra $7380, the Special Edition has a bigger V6 engine, sport air filter, brakes, suspension, a slightly higher differential and bigger wheels. This version puts the ‘fast’ in “fastback” and makes this coupe even more exciting to own.

With 316Hp and 374Nm of torque the new GTV6 engine has a capacity of 4.5L (4470cc). The sport edition air filter provides a little kick and the engine swap is a definite boost for the car as the base model felt a bit sluggish. The SE, which actually is actually heavier than the base model and now weighs 1389.1kg, now reaches up to a speed of 225km/h with the newly installed powerhouse. Sadly, the gearbox has not had any changes but the differential has a slight improvement to the rear wheels with a ratio of 3.40.

The sports suspension gives the car a sportier look by bringing it lower to the ground and stiffening the suspension up, making it tighter in the corners.

Sway bars have not changed but 245x20 steel rims replace the 225x19 rims and 245x40R20 tires replace the 225x40R19 tires of the base, this just helps with grip and tighter cornering, however, slick tires could have been used. Sport brakes of 290mm in diameter have a front braking force of 1550 and rear braking force of 750.