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BUTHANBANG: Base model - GV8[]


A two-door,compact, although quite big, American muscle coupe, which is the definition of ‘muscle’. The Buthanbang screams 70’s pure American power and design and with a price tag of only $19980 it is a great fun for a sporty vehicle that has a lot to offer.

The 4.8L (4800cc) V8 engine can punch out 271Hp and 475Nm of torque. The engine performs a bit weakly in the lower RPMs. With a shifting time of 0.8 seconds and a first gear ratio of 3.32, the 4 speed gearbox is connected to a rear wheel drive differential with a 2.95 ratio. With a mass of 1874.9kg it is only able to reach 200km/h, slightly disappointing for the V8.

A sturdy 32mm sway bar is placed in the front and a 19mm in the rear. Disk brakes with a diameter of 290mm stop all wheels and the front braking force is 1550 and rear braking force is 580. Steel rims sized 205x16 with 205x65R16 tires are a bit small compared to the body size.