Revhead Wiki

Base Model[]

A two-door,compact, although quite big, American muscle coupe, which is the definition of ‘muscle’. The Buthanbang screams 70’s pure American power and design and with a price tag of only $19980 it is a great fun for a sporty vehicle that has a lot to offer.

The GV8 4.8L (4800cc) V8 engine can punch out 271Hp and 475Nm of torque. The engine performs a bit weakly in the lower RPMs. With a shifting time of 0.8 seconds and a first gear ratio of 3.32, the 4 speed gearbox is connected to a rear wheel drive differential with a 2.95 ratio. With a mass of 1874.9kg it is only able to reach 200km/h, slightly disappointing for the V8.

A sturdy 32mm sway bar is placed in the front and a 19mm in the rear. Disk brakes with a diameter of 290mm stop all wheels and the front braking force is 1550 and rear braking force is 580. Steel rims sized 205x16 with 205x65R16 tires are a bit small compared to the body size

Special Edition[]

With a bigger engine, sports differential and changes to the suspension, the Buthanbang SE looks like a promising entry level racer. The price of $24690 is decent compared to the prices of other base model cars, this one offers more performance at a smaller price.

Old engine was replaced with a GTOV8 5.7L (5700cc) V8 engine that produces 423Hp and 598Nm of torque. Keeping a rear wheel drive configuration, the sports differential is now at a ratio of 2.75 and is linked to a 5 speed gearbox with a first ratio of 3.32 and shift time of 0.8 seconds. The fifth gear does however not provide high RPMs and will most likely only be used for cruising.

Sway bars are the same but a sports suspension which is stiffer and lower has replaced the original suspension. Taking turns at speeds has the car sliding and struggling for grip. The wheels and tires are also different and the car now has a 245x20 steel rim and 245x40R20 street tires.

With the upgrades the has only increased slightly and now weighs 1896.7kg. This does seem to have a negative impact on the top speed which touches 225km/h, which is slightly faster than the base model.